6 Asphalt Paving Myths That Prove The Old Adages Are Silly

6 Asphalt Paving Myths That Prove The Old Adages Are Silly

While an adaptive material for most paving purposes, the asphalt itself was not all that reliable until recent innovations in the design phase morphed it into the astute paving material it is today. But as all things reinvented, the old and outdated notions still plague asphalt paving & pavement.

Myth 1: Asphalt is Way Too Expensive!

Wrong! Asphalt is used primarily because of its availability, affordability & popularity. Apart from gravel, asphalt is among the most cost-effective paving alternatives and is exceedingly cheaper to install than concrete, pavers, stone, or even rubberized options. And if maintained well, the flexible nature of asphalt ensures it lasts longer than the more rigid concrete!

Myth 2: Asphalt Pavement Wears Out Fast!

While the past may have added some truth to the matter but now, with asphalt concrete and specialty mixes, the fear of pavement wearing out is an obsolete worry. With innovations and design mix technology taking the asphalt industry by storm, asphalt is a highly durable, resilient, adaptive, & flexible pavement material. If supported with a regular asphalt plan, the pavement can last up to 10-15 years with a maximum of 20 years or so!

Myth 3: Asphalt Repairs Are an Arduous Job!

Actually, asphalt pavement is the most straightforward when it comes to repairs as long as you know what repair to apply, where & why to cut or plan an overlay or full depth – it’s all straightforward. And the repairs themselves are so diverse that one can never get too bored filling cracks or resurfacing their driveway or pavement. The repairs are also very affordable and long-lasting!

Myth 4: You Can Pave Asphalt Pavement Without a Foundation!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous! Asphalt is not a rigid form of pavement and, like all paving materials, requires a prepared solid surface to be installed on. The pavement needs to be sturdy and stabilized for bearing inclement weather all year round, as well as the vehicle loads that would otherwise deform the pavement by ruts & depressions.

Myth 5: Asphalt Is Not Eco-Friendly!

Agreed; there was once upon a time that asphalt was not too beneficial to the environment, but – again, thanks to the innovations in the pavement field – now asphalt is among the lowest carbon footprint producing industries in the world. Across the US, the Environmental Protection Agency regulates sustainable & environmentally safe equipment & processes for preparing asphalt. Asphalt is among the most recycled and reused materials in the world!

Myth 6: You Can DIY Asphalt Pavement!

*Pressing temples* No! Unless you have the equipment, machinery, certification, experience, an operating license, and practice, do not wander into the seething world of asphalt paving. You will undoubtedly endanger your life or ruin your paving job.

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