A Bubble-Load Of Benefits: Requesting Your Contractor For Air-Entrained Concrete!

A Bubble-Load Of Benefits: Requesting Your Contractor For Air-Entrained Concrete!

The thing about regular concrete; it’s vulnerable to a combination of excess moisture and freezing temperatures. When concrete sets, the water evaporating leaves behind a porous network of voids and capillaries that allow excess moisture to seep into the seemingly indestructible concrete. Freezing temperatures cause water expansion and internal stresses resulting in structural cracks.

Air-entrained concrete already has voids in its structure to withstand the ice expansion stresses, making it ideal in winters. That is why if you want your pavement, driveway, or patio to last through the Pennsylvanian winters, you can ask Advanced Paving & Masonry to air entrain your concrete!


  1. The concrete is mainly resistant to frost hence its application at lower temperatures without the risk of the bleed water freezing and causing surface scaling.
  1. The aeration has a significantly positive effect on fresh concrete’s workability and helps reduce the water used in curing otherwise standard concrete. This air-entrained concrete is quite the sustainable paving material in terms of resources used.
  1. This air is used primarily to increase the air void system in concrete and reduce shrinkage cracking. The air acts as a cushion that absorbs the effect of thermal expansion and contraction.
  1. Air entrained concrete is the kind used in building dams, bridges, train or mountain tunnels, and mega highways projects. It is mighty durable and can bear heavy loads.


  1. Air entrainment increases the workability of the concrete while simultaneously reducing the susceptibility of the material to water intrusion.
  1. Better consistency of concrete is achieved throughout the pavement, in a manner similarly obtained by using a more expensive fine-grain concrete aggregate. This saves on costs.
  1. The process increases the slump value of the concrete without making the mixture too light. This not only gives concrete the ‘stiff meringue peaks’ effect but also utilizes less water while holding its form.
  1. The admixture reduces the bleed-water effect in the freshly poured pavement. 
  1. Strengthens the concrete against freeze-thaw cycles that can cause structural compromise of the pavement due to cracking.
  1. It increases the concrete’s resistance to sulfate and chloride attacks, both of which are present in contaminated rainwater.


  1. Air-entraining proportionally affects the strength of the concrete, which is why extreme caution is needed to prepare the mixture within the right void to concrete ratio.
  • Air entrainment also reduces the life of the concrete mix as some air gets lost during transportation. Both are areas of caution to hold within the fitting tolerances. But overall, air-entrained concrete is a win-win material!

Winters are relatively cold in Norristown, PA, and if you ever had us over for a concrete job, then great news as we will only have maintenance run on your turf. For the rest of you, realizing just how amazing it would be to have a driveway and a patio that won’t go south the way the cookie crumbles, feel free to check our reasonable no-charge quotes on our paving and masonry services!

Book with Advanced Paving & Masonry before winters come. With us, it’s never ‘too cold’ in Norristown to lay concrete!