Frequently Asked Questions About Masonry Construction

Frequently Asked Questions About Masonry Construction

What is Masonry Construction?

It is a durable form of construction with stone, brick, glass, concrete, and limestone. It does not only have an extended service life but also enhances curb appeal as compared to other pavements. Advanced Paving and Masonry, located in Wayne, is a professional paving company adhering to the latest standards and practices of masonry construction.

This blog post will cover a few frequently asked questions about masonry construction.

Why Should I Choose Masonry Construction?

Masonry is a reliable option due to its appearance, minimum maintenance requirements, and the safety it provides for resisting fire, during earthquakes, and insulation against fluctuations. 

What are the Different Types of Masonry Construction?

  • Veneer Masonry
  • Concrete Masonry
  • Stone Masonry
  • Brick Masonry

Should the Masonry Contractor be Licensed?

It is important for a masonry contractor to be licensed and have all necessary licenses and certifications for the job they perform. Advanced Paving and Masonry is 100% licensed and insured.

What is the Time Duration of the Construction to Take Place?

This depends on the scope of the project. Simpler construction projects may take 1-2 days depending on the scope of work. Bigger construction projects might take longer. You can discuss this with your contractor during the planning stage.

How to Start the Process?

The process begins by you communicating your requirements to the contracting team. Next, the team will create a proposal for you with different options for designs and pricing. Once approved by you, the contractor will sign a contract and schedule the work. Advanced Paving and Masonry always deliver first-class results within the time promised!

Brick or Stone Masonry: Which is Better?

Both are durable and aesthetically appealing for the construction of residential and commercial projects. The only difference is that brick is less expensive as compared with stone while both can withstand different temperatures. The choice between the two is a matter of personal taste.

Is Masonry Construction Possible in the Winter?

All types of masonry can be done in winter with preparation and protection. The mortar (which is a mixture of water, sand, and cement is used to bond heavy materials and provide a structure) should be placed on heated surfaces to prevent freezing during application.

Is Masonry Construction an Expensive Option?

It is costly compared to other pavement materials but doesn’t require a regular high maintenance cost. Good construction firms work according to the budget of their customers in the best possible manner.

What is the Cure Time for Mortar?

Generally, it takes 24 hours for the mortar to cure to 60% of its strength. It will further take 28 days to reach its final strength. However, environmental factors such as humidity, airflow affect the cure time.

How do I Choose a Masonry Contractor?

Experience, testimonials, and referrals should be considered before hiring a masonry construction company. Advanced Paving and Masonry, in Wayne, has 40 years of experience and has a team of experts for masonry construction projects. Contact us today if you have any more questions or to get your quote.