How Does A Savvy Home Owner Know It’s An Asphalt Paving Scam?

How Does A Savvy Home Owner Know It’s An Asphalt Paving Scam?

In this blog Homeowners can increase the value of their homes by installing new pavement on their property. However, the problem with this is that unscrupulous contractors will try and take advantage of you through their asphalt paving scam. If you do not know how to spot these scams, it can be challenging to determine if they are trying to mislead you or have your best interests at heart.

post, the professionals at Advanced Paving and Masonry outline some simple tips that savvy homeowners in Malvern, PA, can use when hiring a contractor for any job related to asphalt paving.

A Scammer will Show up Unannounced at Your Home Offering Paving Services.

People can be scammed when looking for asphalt paving services. Scammers might claim they have the best deals and their work is guaranteed when in reality, it’s all an elaborate scam to take your money. Remember, professional asphalt contractors, don’t go door-to-door looking for work. If someone unexpectedly shows up to offer paving services, it’s likely a scam.

They Will Request Up-Front Payment

Another indication that you might be dealing with a scam artist is if they ask for payment in full up-front. Reputable asphalt paving companies may require a down payment, but the final payment won’t be due until after the job is completed to your satisfaction. If you’re unsure whether a contractor is legitimate, ask for references and check them thoroughly. Be sure to look up any construction permits or licenses that may exist for them to operate within your area legally.

If the contractor can’t provide any of this information, or if they try to rush you into making a decision, it’s best to steer clear. It’s also important to remember that reputable contractors will never ask for payment in cash; they will also accept checks or credit cards.

They will offer a Contract without Inspecting Your Property.

Another red flag is when the contractor asks you to sign a contract before they’ve had a chance to do a walk-through of your property. This is something you should avoid, as it could lead to misunderstandings down the road about the work that was done. A good contractor will want to look at your home and property before drawing up a contract so that they can get an idea of the scope of work that needs to be done.

They will hesitate to Share Reviews and Testimonials.

There’s a reason why some contractors don’t want to share reviews and testimonials because it means that they are not the best at what they do. A good contractor should provide you with numerous online reviews from satisfied customers who have had work done by them in the past. So, if your potential asphalt paving contractor is hesitant to share these, then it might be time to look for someone else.

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