How To Prep Your Landscape For Installing Pavers?

How To Prep Your Landscape For Installing Pavers?

Think you need a green thumb to landscape your property? Think again! Installing pavers is a great way to upgrade your landscape and add extra functionality, such as a patio or driveway. Pavers also help you enhance your property’s curb appeal without spending hours on yard work. But before you can install those pavers, there’s some work you need to do to prep your landscape. It involves removing any existing landscaping and grading the surface to ensure level. In this blog post, the professional landscapers at Advanced Paving and Masonry we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to get your landscape in Sellersville, PA, ready for pavers.

1) Choose and Measure the Worksite

First, you need to know where you will install your pavers. Measure the perimeter of the area and determine how many square feet it is. This information will help you choose an appropriate paver size so all your stones fit together without gaps or overlaps. Outline the paving area with white paint or stakes.

2) Gauge the Slope

Once you install the pavers, you don’t want drainage issues, so it’s essential to gauge the surface slope before starting. Too much of a slope will cause water drainage problems and lead to trips and falls. If you fear that your site has an extensive slope, you’ll need to take corrective action by installing retaining walls or adding soil to level out the surface.

Remember, you also want your pavers to be slightly sloped to prevent water accumulation. You can use stakes and markings to measure the heights of the highest and lowest edges of the paving area.

3) Clean the Area

Before you call the experts to install your pavers, you’ll need to do a little prep work on your own. This includes cleaning the area where you will install the pavers. Use a broom or blower to remove any dirt, leaves, or other debris from the surface. You don’t want these things getting in the way of the installation process or becoming trapped under the pavers.

If you have an extensive weed problem in the area, now is also an excellent time to take care of it. Weeds can grow up through cracks between pavers and cause problems down the road. Be sure to use an herbicide safe for use around paving stones.

4) Ensure Efficient Drainage

Drainage problems can ruin the progress you have made in your landscape. If you encounter areas where water accumulates or pools, it’s essential to take care of them immediately. The best way is to layer gravel beneath the pavers to let excess moisture pass through and keep plants from drowning during heavy rainstorms.

An efficient drainage system makes it easier to install your pavers and won’t ruin your investment as well.

Installing concrete pavers is a daunting task. You stand risking your paver investment by following amateur DIY tricks. Calling professional paving and concrete installation service can help you get the best results for your pavers installation project in Sellersville, PA. Advanced Paving and Masonry is the first choice for paving sidewalks and driveways for many property owners in the region. Get your quote from our team now!