Let’s Debunk 6 Asphalt Paving Myths!

Let’s Debunk 6 Asphalt Paving Myths!

Asphalt is a popular choice for many contractors because it provides excellent durability, beautiful results, and has good skid resistance properties. However, there are also a lot of myths attributed to asphalt.

This blog post will debunk some common asphalt paving myths and shed some light on the reality.

Myth 1: Asphalt Does Not Last Long

Asphalt paving has been used for decades. Because asphalt paving techniques have improved so much over the years, asphalt surfaces are more durable today than ever before, with many lasting for twenty-five or even thirty years with proper care. Asphalt is low-maintenance, and asphalt paving is still considered the most long-lasting option for roads and parking lots.

Myth 2: Asphalt Paving is Backbreaking Work

Anyone who has had a driveway paved knows that asphalt work itself is not backbreaking at all. When asphalt surfaces are being installed, asphalt paving contractors compact the asphalt surface with a machine that is lightweight and can easily be maneuvered.

Myth 3: Asphalt Repairs are Difficult to Perform

Once asphalt surfaces have been installed, they can be repaired with ease. For asphalt to remain strong and durable, it must have a solid foundation underneath the surface. Most repairs only require asphalt patches placed over holes in the pavement and held down by loose stone or other lightweight aggregate material. Once this work has been completed, asphalt paving contractors will compact asphalt patches with lightweight machines.

Myth 4: Asphalt is Difficult or Impossible to Maintain

Once asphalt surfaces have been installed, they require routine maintenance to keep them looking their best. If you drive on asphalt for long enough, it tends to crack and needs to be repaired. The asphalt paving myths claim that asphalt cannot be maintained, but this is entirely untrue. Asphalt can last for decades if you keep up with its maintenance needs.

Myth 5: Asphalt is Very Expensive

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Asphalt paving is very cost-effective and can save you a lot of money in other areas, such as long-term costs because asphalt pavement lasts much longer than any other surface.

Myth 6: Asphalt Cannot Be Recycled

Asphalt is not only recyclable; asphalt can be recycled many times over. The asphalt pavement industry recycles about 98 percent of asphalt pavements. The asphalt is heated and mixed with other materials to produce new cement, which means that asphalt can be recycled many times without losing its quality or strength.

To wrap up, we have debunked some of the most common myths about asphalt paving. If you think that your driveway or parking lot needs to be restored and want to explore all the different options with an expert, get in touch with us today. At Advanced Paving and Masonry in Narberth, we offer free quotes for any project size. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a small residential asphalt paving project or commercial parking lot installation; our experts can help!