Seal-Sense: When Is The Perfect Time To Hire A Seal Coating Contractor

Seal-Sense: When Is The Perfect Time To Hire A Seal Coating Contractor

As September approaches in Pennsylvania, it is the best time for a seal coating project. The weather has just recovered from the rainiest season, and light showers will continue as winter threatens to move in on autumn’s misty grasp. Sealcoating your asphalt pavement or driveway is an essential task that one should do after the rainy season and before the winter temperatures make it a daunting task with a line of faults guaranteed.

Do remember to inquire about your contractor’s experience before hiring. Some contractors cut corners by using too much water in their seal coat material, skip on the recommended number of coats, or even carry untrained team members. The worst is if the contractor is not insured!

We know it’s a tricky seal coat season in Wayne, PA, with the rains and all, but all things aside, we still want to tell you to prepare your asphalt for the coming winter. If you time it right, your pavement will last through the winters without as much as a crack. Hence, we are here to persuade you as to why.

  1. Clean up your pavement first of debris or loose asphalt. Then evaluate your pavement surface for cracks, ruts, or potential potholes. The rains just passed, so there is bound to be some damage to the pavement. If you find minor damage like cracks, you can always apply a sealant and level it over. It will mean a delay in the actual schedule of your seal coating contractor by 2-3 days as the sealant needs to fully dry, but it is better to be safe than sorry!
  2. If your pavement was laid 2-3 years ago, this is the best time to seal coat it or recoat it. The asphalt has cured, the temperatures are average between 50-70 F, and the sun is shining. It’s not too hot or cold, with perfect humidity to allow a seal coat to settle and dry.
  3. Stable humidity levels mean no issue with morning dew, which can make it problematic to get the asphalt to dry. Seal coats require dry and clean asphalt surfaces to cling to properly.
  4. The best time for application, if you are a homeowner, is during the morning. The sun is out, and the winds are picking up around the afternoon, so take out the time and schedule a seal coating contractor to drop by. If you have commercial concerns, like pavement and parking lots, the best time is during the night, since traffic is low and it is easy to cordon off the seal coated areas till morning comes.
  5. The sun is at its peak around noon, which means no shady areas are present; hence this marks a suitable time to dry the coat. One should consider that drying is not the same as curing the coat, so allow at least a day before allowing traffic back on the pavement. Typically, it takes 48 hours for a sealant to cure, depending on weather conditions in Pennsylvania.
  6. If you have a vast stretch of pavement to seal coat and have the option, you can go for asphalt emulsion-based seal coats that are easier to apply by a sealant spray that keeps the seal coat hot. It is a quick and durable method without the need for a squeegee.

We hope you are convinced as we know what we best deal in, thanks to our clients’ loving feedback. Hurry up! The rains give a tricky and narrow window for a seal coating project to go successfully. If you want to wait for the dry season that seal coating experts stress, that’s in February with temperatures plummeting to 25-20F!

Don’t fuss; leave it to the professionals at Advanced Paving and Masonry! The only reason for us to send you a receipt is to see you happy and satisfied with our seal coating job. We even give free estimates! Book us now in Wayne, PA, for the best-sealed deal in seal coating asphalt!