Site Preparation – The Path To The 3Ps: Perfect Paving Projects!

Site Preparation – The Path To The 3Ps: Perfect Paving Projects!

As property owners, one takes great pride in their DIY renovations or projects, and in the thrill, misses a crucial step, resulting in landscape disaster. The same goes for dealing with something as seemingly as dull as pavement – which is not dull, mind you! Good site preparation is worth the effort for ensuring solid surfaces to stroll, jog, and drive. 

A shoddy foundation won’t last as long as planned and might need more repairs or replacement sooner than expected because it was improperly built in the first place. Hiring a professional ensures you get a full workup on your land to establish stable construction projects that will last over a lifetime.

Here are our two cents on why expert-led site preparation is such a good deal for any of your construction projects because you can never go wrong with a professional contractor:

You Realize that Soil Stability is a Major Deal

A detail most overlooked by DIY pavers is checking the soil stability for resistance against weathering and ground shifts. This is integral to forming a good pavement foundation. Paving over bad soil is your hard-earned dollars down the storm drain as ground shifting warps the surface, resulting in patches, overlays, and extensive maintenance.

Soil is Like a Tricky Sponge

The earth has to be tested for its composition and water absorption to deal with pavement compaction beforehand. This is a technical step best left to the guys in the yellow hard hats. Miscalculating a soils’ capacity to hold water can result in water intrusion despite seal coating, damaging the paved surface. The good news is that Philly’s sandy loam is an ideal mix of sand and silt and is very well-drained. Note: Still have the soil tested!

Your Legal-and-Land Formalities Get Taken Care Of

Surveying marks another necessity in site preparation to avoid legal blocks. A contractor will know how to translate site plans to property boundaries as per code, saving you the hassle of having to deal with half-baked legal disputes. A contractor will have the land surveyed for ground faults and underground caves that might cause sinkholes and soil compaction. This step ensures the foundations are safe for construction.

You Get a Great Site Plan

Site preparation entails an official blueprint of the construction for sustaining the layered aggregate. Again, you either need a multi-disciplinary degree in construction essentials or opt for a professional. Rest assured, experienced contractors will not skip the minor detail that DIY builders might do: paving over septic tanks.

Finally! Flat Land!

Prepared sites mean rollers, bulldozers, and leveled land. Once the site has stability approval, it is graded by razing all vegetation or demolishing prior to construction. Topsoil is removed to expose underlying bedrock and gravel to act as abrasive binder surface, and the pouring commences.

You can finally bring out the drinks to mark your path to a perfect paving (or construction) project!

That said. 

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