The Jolly Stonemason: DIY Paving Projects For Your Patios

The Jolly Stonemason: DIY Paving Projects For Your Patios

Berwyn, Chester County, is regarded as one of the best places to live in PA. Boasting a rich history and landmarks that give an earthy feel to its suburbs, Berwyn is just the right place to whip up home upgrade projects inspired by the colonial architecture native to Philadelphia. One of the inspirations is paver patios.

We have taken the liberty of suggesting some great paver ideas that you can use for your DIY patio projects!

  1. Pavers & Curves: 

With the Milano or Oxford paver blocks, you can customize a gorgeous patio that you can extend to your driveway if desired. If you want your artistic senses further stimulated, order mosaic tiles and work with suitable quality grout and cement base. You can make wavy patterns, maybe a rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night sky swirls with Milano borders.

2. Slabs & Stencils: 

This idea can go two ways: one where you use paints and stencils, and one where you rip off the stencil. In the first idea, you need a poured concrete patio that has been allowed full time to cure. Invest in good quality masonry paints, brushes & and stencils. Get your workshop dungarees on and start stenciling away. In the second method, you have a layer of leveled concrete, then the stencil design on top with another thin layer of concrete. The moment the concrete gains its rigidity but is still wet, the stencil is ripped off like a band-aid, and the stencil design gets embossed on the concrete. They come in exquisite floral, brick, and mandala designs to form patio centerpieces. Fill in the stencil grooves with contrast color grout, and you have a masterpiece ready!

3. Stone Patios: 

A bit expensive in the paver’s category, stone blocks make an imposing patio with an earthy and antiquated aesthetic that only a rubber block can mimic. Stone blocks are expensive because they have to be mined from a source and cut to specs. Apart from the hefty price, they are easy to install and look lovely in a herringbone or circular paver style.

4. Stamps & Blocks: 

If you want to DIY your patio and are a buff fitness nut, using metal stamp stencils is a great way to utilize chest and shoulders day. You essentially mix up a batch of concrete and level it over the stable subgrade, and then come to the metal stencils, which you keep stamping in geometric symmetry all over your patio. Once the stenciled areas are formed, pack the gaps with brush-in grout or polymer sand for best results, and brush over with a squeegee.

5. Rubber Pavers: 

If you are interested in sustainable designs and have a budget, you can hunt down rubber block pavers. They aren’t exactly springy but not damaging either if any of your wards takes a fall. Rubber pavers are a great application of recycled rubber tires and come in various colors and interlocking paver shapes. While they are excellent for children’s playgrounds, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use them to adorn your patios.

We hope you love our suggestions! Advanced Paving & Masonry would be glad to impart tips and procure quality design & paving materials for your convenience if you require any assistance with first-timer DIY paving. If you have other inquiries, please feel free to ask for free estimates on our dependable services in Berwyn, PA!