Weed Removal Tips To Get Your Patio Pavers Back In Great Shape!

Weed Removal Tips To Get Your Patio Pavers Back In Great Shape!

Flip through any mainstream lawn-keeping magazine, and you will indeed find brands dealing in salt, vinegar, & bleach to eliminate paver weeds. While effective, these methods don’t account for the environmental and material damages that ensue. Often these tips offend the sensibilities of the more eco-informed in concrete paver maintenance.

Now, Advanced Paving & Masonry won’t boast such skill in paver maintenance, but you know we are your local asphalt & concrete experts in the dainty village of Ithan, PA, and as such, we are privy to a few natural weed removal tips of our own.

Pavers come in all shapes, colors, materials & sizes, and conventional weed removal methods can damage them. Here are our tips on the matter. 

Weed Removal Methods To Avoid

Steer Clear of Table Salt

Avoid using this weed-killing method at all costs because the extra salt run-off into the soil can disrupt soil fertility and harm your lovely flower beds. The weeds won’t go away either.

Forget About Baking Soda

The sodium and carbonate components might have a detrimental impact on the fertility of your landscaping soil. Ithan soil has some acidic shale composition that might be neutralized by baking soda, but it will not eliminate weeds. Instead, the carbonates will form into acid and corrode your pavers.

The Only Good Vinegar is the One You Don’t Spill

Vinegar is still an acid and can harm weed leaves, which you’ll have to deal with sooner than expected. Vine sprays will also damage your shrubs and flowers.

Weed Removal Methods That Are Safe

Use Boiling Water

Pour boiling water over your pavers’ weeds. Take care not to burn the surrounding plant life or yourself while doing so. While you’re at it, protect your hands and feet and avoid knee exposure. It will take only a few days to get rid of weeds using this method.

Pack In Polymeric Sand Grout

You are misinformed if you believe stamping in dirt or loose sand between pavers prevents new weed growth. Weeds are tough little paver demons; therefore, polymeric sand is highly recommended for eliminating their growth. Allow for a dry, no-weed existence by stamping in the polymeric sand on the day it rains and allowing it to settle.

Dish Soap to The Rescue

Moss is a weed, which may appear beautiful between pavers, but it makes paver surfaces slippery during the rainy season. It’s all good if you want to keep the moss, but if you don’t want a broken hip, let’s get to work. Mix 4 ounces of dish soap in one gallon of water and spray it directly on the moss. After a week, the moss will wither & die.

We hope that if your hardscape has been subjected to crass weed removal by acid sprays and bleach, you will not hesitate to call on Advanced Paving & Masonry for a repaving project in Ithan, PA.

We deal in a lot more than just pavers across Pennsylvania, so do get in touch for a free quote for our services!